Great News!
They have raised the FHA loan limits for the year 2020!
Fresno County new loan limit
$331,760 (FHA base loan amount)
So you can write a purchase offer up to $343,792 FHA with the borrower bringing in the minimum 3.5% down.
At our office, we also offer the CalHFA loans where the borrower can get a 2nd & 3rd to cover their down payment & closing cost for both FHA & Conventional.  
(you can buy a million $$$+++ house with an FHA loan, the buyer/borrower just needs to put down the difference to meet the county loan limit. It can even be a gift from a relative.)
Conventional Loan Limit for Fresno County has been raised also.  $510,400 is the new conventional limit with as low a 3% down.  
Write an offer up to $526,185 with only 3% down.  
I hope this helps you or anyone you know with any future real estate goals you may have. If I can assist in any way or connect you with one of my in house lenders please let me know.